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Super Group Employee Benefit Program

What is a Hampton Coliseum Super Group?
A Hampton Coliseum Super Group is a company or organization who is eligible to receive special offers and discounts to events at our venue. Unlike normal group sales, “Super Groups” do not have to purchase a certain number of tickets to receive the particular offer. It is a great way to offer your employees a unique benefit!

How It Works

Hampton Coliseum will create a special webpage specific to your company that will list all of the special offers and discounts that are available to our Super Groups. The link to this webpage can either be posted on an intranet site for your employees to access or emailed to all of your employees so that they can save the link to access periodically. Hampton Coliseum will also set up a password that is specific to your company or organization to access the discounts offered. This password would stay constant for all special offers. When new offers are available for your employees, we will update your company’s Super Group webpage and notify the person that you designate to be the Super Group coordinator that a new offer is available.

How to Become a Super Group

In order to set your company up as a Hampton Coliseum Super Group and start offering your employees special discounts to our events, all we would need is a contact within your company to be the Super Group coordinator and a file of your logo to include on your company’s Super Group webpage.

Join Today!

To become a Hampton Coliseum Super Group or for questions, contact our Group Sales Department at 757-838-5650 ext. 68943 or email [email protected].