Buy Tickets through Ticket Master

Fans First

Hampton Coliseum Box Office and Ticketmaster are the only authorized sellers of tickets to events held at Hampton Coliseum. Hampton Coliseum is not responsible for tickets purchased anywhere other than Ticketmaster or through the Hampton Coliseum Box Office and will not honor, service, exchange or refund duplicate, counterfeit or invalid tickets.

If you purchase your tickets elsewhere (online, in person or over the phone) please be advised that the ticket you purchase may not be valid. Photocopies of print-at-home tickets are also considered invalid. Anyone possessing an invalid ticket will be denied access. Hampton Coliseum assumes no risk or responsibility for tickets purchased from a non-approved source and no refunds will be given on any invalid tickets for any reason. Hampton Coliseum reserves the right to deny entry to the facility on any ticket that is purchased through non-approved sources.

Resale of event tickets on Hampton Coliseum is also not permitted.

If you have any further questions about where to purchase tickets for Hampton Coliseum events, please call 757-838-4203.

Hampton Coliseum is a proud supporter of the Fans First Coalition. The Fans First Coalition is committed to ensuring that fans everywhere get what they deserve — a good event experience, from ticket purchase through the final out or encore. The Fans First Coalition was established in May of 2011 in an effort to change and improve the ticket-purchase experience for fans by fighting for greater access to face-value tickets and enhanced protection against fraudulent business practices. The coalition is primarily supported by Ticketmaster and includes over 200 industry members, venues, teams and artists who are committed to standing with fans against scalpers. Visit Fans First for more information.