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Rental Information

This information package is intended to assist prospective Coliseum tenants in understanding the established procedures and costs relative to booking Hampton Coliseum for an event. Procedures and rates are subject to change from time to time without notice.

Building Rental Fees

Events with Admission Ticket Sales: A minimum guarantee of $5,000 or 10 percent of the gross ticket revenues, after deduction of admissions taxes, whichever is greater, per performance.
Events without Admission Ticket Sales: A flat fee of $5,000 per day.
Conventions: A flat fee of $3,000 per day.
Rehearsal/move-in/move-out day(s): As per above, depending on the type of event.

Gross Ticket Revenues

“Gross ticket revenues” is defined as all monies received by the tenant from the sale of admission tickets to the event.

Admissions Tax

A 10 percent City of Hampton admissions tax on gross ticket revenues will be collected from events with admission ticket sale. The Coliseum box office will deduct this tax from gross ticket revenues and remit same to the city.

Services and Facilities Included in Building Rental Fees

In consideration for the building rental fees, the tenant shall have the use of the basic building including the following:

  • Normal supply of water and electricity.
  • Heat or air conditioning.
  • House sound system.
  • Limited parking for event related vehicles.
  • Normal janitorial services.
  • Fully equipped first aid facilities—personnel and ambulance not included.

Related Services and Facilities Not Included in Building Rental Fees

  • Event-related staffing which includes, but not limited to, ushers, ticket takers, security personnel, police, first aid personnel, ambulance, box office personnel, parking lot personnel (if no parking fee is charged by the Coliseum), operation personnel and stagehands. All event-related staffing must be provided by the landlord at tenant’s expense (see Event-Related Charges and Rates). Note: The landlord shall have the ultimate authority in determining the number, type and locations of all event-related personnel deemed necessary for the event.
  • Box Office facilities including equipment and tickets.
  • Exhibit electrical, utility and telephone services.
  • On-site public parking.
  • Other event-related labor, equipment and special services (see Event-Related Charges and Rates).
  • Damages.

Hold Procedure

Date(s) will be held on a tentative basis upon request from a prospective tenant and subsequent confirmation in writing by Hampton Coliseum. Prospective tenant must disclose the name of the performer(s). All holds will be considered tentative and, therefore, subject to cancellation until a formal Rental Agreement has been executed by the parties and the appropriate deposit delivered to and accepted by Hampton Coliseum. A tentative date will be held for a maximum of 10 days without reconfirmation. A Rental Agreement will be issued only when the Coliseum management has received assurance that the prospective tenant has contracted the performer(s) for which the date(s) is held.

Should a tentative reservation be challenged by another party, the party with the first hold will be required to immediately execute a Rental Agreement and provide the necessary deposit. To challenge a tentative hold by another party, the challenging party must request the date(s) in writing and forward the necessary deposit.

(Note: The previous reservation will not be challenged until the deposit is received.) Should the first reservation be canceled, a Rental Agreement will be issued to the challenging party. Should the party with the previous reservation execute a Rental Agreement, the deposit will be returned to the challenging party.


A non refundable and non interest bearing advance deposit is required with the signed Rental Agreement. A tenant renting Hampton Coliseum for the first time must deposit an amount equal to the minimum guaranteed rent. The Coliseum reserves the right to require an additional deposit to cover anticipated event-related expenses. Payment must be made by cash or cashier’s check and payable to Hampton Coliseum.

Ticket Sales

Ticketmaster—Mid Atlantic, Inc. has the right to print, sell and distribute tickets to all events at Hampton Coliseum. Certain events such as trade/consumer shows may be exempt from this requirement. A $100 Ticketmaster set up and programming fee is charged for each applicable event. In addition, as a ticket-selling commission, each tenant is responsible to pay the landlord a minimum of $500 or 3 percent of the gross ticket revenues after deduction of admissions tax, whichever is greater, per performance of the event. Further, the tenant shall pay, if and where applicable, a credit card service fee of 3.25 percent on the sale of tickets by credit card.


Each tenant is required to purchase a comprehensive liability insurance policy providing coverage of AT LEAST $2,000,000 for any one accident or occurrence, $2,000,000 for any one person injured in any accident or occurrence, and $2,000,000 for property damage liability. Actual insurance requirements will be determined by Coliseum management based on the size and nature of the event. The City of Hampton must be named as an additional insured on the insurance certificate. A certified copy of the insurance policy containing appropriate coverage will be required 45 days prior to the event. More detailed information is provided in the Coliseum Rental Agreement.

Floor Plans

Floor plans must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the move-in of the event for Fire Marshall approval. No booth/exhibit space should be sold or committed until this approval has been obtained.

Food and Beverage Service

Hampton Coliseum and/or its designated concessionaire, retains the exclusive right to provide any catering, all food and beverage concessions, of any nature in Hampton Coliseum, and further, to retain all revenues derived there from.

Souvenir, Novelty and Program Sales

If event-related souvenirs, novelties, and programs are sold during an event, the tenant shall pay Hampton Coliseum a commission fee equivalent to 30 percent of gross revenue after deduction of all applicable state and local sales taxes. The tenant is responsible for providing and paying for all sellers.

Facility Fee

For events with Admission Ticket Sales, a $4.50 facility fee will be added to the price of each ticket sold. For events without admission ticket sales and conventions, a parking fee based on $8.00 per car is to be charged. Hampton Coliseum retains all revenues generated from facility fees.

For More Information

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