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Arena Highlights

Known as an architectural jewel, Hampton Coliseum is a versatile facility that hosts a variety of events from concerts, family events such as Disney on Ice, sporting events such as Monster Jam and Professional Bull Riders, WWE, EDM and much more!

Thank You to everyone who submitted stories about their favorite memories at Hampton Coliseum!

Read them below:

Hampton Gulls (1970s)

The hockey tradition in Hampton Roads started at the Hampton Coliseum. Watching Hampton Gulls games, with my Mom and Dad, is a childhood memory I will always cherish! - Michael P.

Virginia Squires (1970s)

Back in the 1970s the Virginia Squires basketball games with Julius Erving. - David C.

The Association (1970)

This was my very first concert and the very first one at the Coliseum. Amazing!! - Mary Ellen B.

Allman Brothers & Cactus (1971)

Overall excitement of going especially to the rock n roll concerts. Favorite memory? I wanted to see Allman Bros and Cactus. My mother thought I was too young so she and my grandmother took me. - Vickie S.

Elvis (1972)

My mother, as well as myself (12 years old) were huge Elvis fans. We went with another family to the show that was the feature concert in the movie "Elvis On Tour." I also met my life-long best friend waiting in line for Elvis tickets in 1976. - Charles W.

Liza Minnelli (1973)

Seeing Liza Minnelli in concert has been one of my cherished memories over the years. She gave a phenomenal performance. I specifically remember her wiping off her makeup because she was sweating so hard. She was laughing because a man in the front row remarked, "Boy, that little girl can sweat!" - Donna H.

Jackson 5 (1974)

The first concert I saw was in 1974 and it was the Jackson 5! I have enjoyed each and every concert here every since! I can't say I have a favorite but I have great memories of them all! I love y'all and look forward to attending more events. Thank you for being a huge part of my life and memories! - Donna M.

Linda Rondstadt (1975)

Greatest female singer of all time. Linda was a rare talent and true person who loved to sing. Greatest concert at this venue!!!! - Robert J.

Lynyrd Skynyrd (1976)

The date was November 21, 1976. I was 14 years old and in junior high school. A girl I knew who attended Warwick High School invited me. The band was Lynyrd Skynyrd and it was their "One More From the Road" live album tour. I clearly remember the bic lighters when the band performed "Free Bird". - William P.

Mid Atlantic Wrestling (1977)

I remember my uncle took me to see the wrestling when I was 7 years old. I remember Wahoo McDaniel & Harley Race were there. I was so excited-- fast forward to 2005 when I became a proud employee of Hampton Coliseum where I worked for 8 years until surgery forced me to retire. - Benjamin R.

Jethro Tull (1978)

Jethro Tull 1978 Bursting Out Tour!! - Jeff D.

KISS (1979)

My first concert ever--KISS. Wow! I was so excited. I was 13 or 14. I've never forgoten the loud music, knew every word and my black KISS T-shirt. I felt all grown up. I cant even believe my Mom let me go. - Joanne B.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus (1980s)

In the 1980s I attended a circus event with my mom & sister and we got to be in the opening ceremony--we rode elephants and met clowns.Then in 2000 we were going to another circus event and AGAIN we were chosen to be in the opening ceremonies with clowns with MY KIDS over 20+ yrs later. - Tami D.

Prince (1980)

Favorite event at Hampton Coliseum was in middle school. I was very young and allowed out for the first time. My friend and I put money together to get us matching outfits. First concert being allowed out on my own-- PRINCE! I remember like it was yesterday what we wore... and the heels that killed my feet trying to be grown. - Mechelle B.

Rolling Stones (1981)

I'll never forget this experience! I had just turned 18 and graduated high school in June of 81 and skipped an exam at TCC to stand in line for 5 hours to no avail. I lucked out the day of the show as my boss had a pair of tickets and I got one of them. George Thorogood blew me away, Stones, KO'd me. - Jim R.

REO Speedwagon (1982)

I took my date to REO Speedwagon but no kiss :( My dad helped build Hampton Coliseum :) - Holly I.

George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic, and Con Funk Shun (1983)

My favorite was George Clinton in the Atomic Dog tour! - Darryl F.

Neil Diamond (1984)

I was only 10, but it was that day that I fell in love with live music! I felt an electricity I had never felt. I went on to see countless concerts there and over 1000 concerts overall in my life. Some of my very favorite memories are tied to the Coliseum. By far, my favorite building anywhere.

Bruce Springsteen (1985)

We stood in line at Military Circle to get tickets at 7:00am. Quickly sold out as soon as the window opened. We were Thinking of going to breakfast when they yelled out. There’s a second show! We got 4 2nd row seats to the Born in the USA concert! I’ll never forget it. - Tammy G.

New Edition (1986)

I will never forget seeing New Edition at the Hampton Coliseum. That night, the
Coliseum went from being a familiar landmark on the way home to the home of my very first concert. I still remember 33 years later, the night the lights went off and New Edition came on! - Kamesha F.

U2 (1987)

After camping out for hours in freezing cold weather, I got two tickets. The day of the show my grandfather passed away, my parents knew how much I wanted to see U2 that they didn’t tell me until after I got to see my favorite band for the first time. It was a bittersweet memory I will never forget. - Kevin S.

INXS (1988)

My first concert INXS & Ziggy Marley.I will never forget it, held in a truly magical venue. I was 16 years old; my parents dropped us off & waited for us. I am grateful it took place in your venue. Great work all these years! -Travis L.

Grateful Dead (1989)

It has to be the Warlock shows in Hampton in 1989! The Greatful Dead we playing an unannounced show under their original name from the 60’s at the Hampton Coliseum, I couldn’t miss it. The shows were legendary and only further solidified the magic that can happen at Hampton! - Bryan T.

New Kids on the Block (1990)

I was in 6th grade and it was my first concert! We had upper seats but stood the entire time and sang our hearts out. My poor sister who was older and too cool for them actually fell sleep. I still have the concert shirt. - Gracie T.

Metallica (1991)

I was 13 and Metallica was my favorite band! I begged my mom for tickets and she actually bought them! It was my first concert! She made my older brother take me and it really bonded my brother and I. I still don’t know how my mom afforded those tickets, we were dirt poor. God rest her soul. - Mary M.

Bryan Adams (1992)

Favorite? Wow, so many. Judas Priest, Van Halen, Metallica, ZZ Top, Gulls and Aces Hockey...but the one that told it all is the Bryan Adams concert in 92! The first date EVER for my wife and I. Still going strong after almost 28 years! We try to attend an event at least once a year to celebrate! - Andrew Y.

Aerosmith (1993)

The tickets were a gift for my birthday and my first concert as a teen. It was an experience that I could never forget. I still talk about the show as if it were yesterday. Unfortunately, Hurricane Matthew flooded our entire home in 2016. So, the memories are all I have to share.❤️ - Jamie B.

ZZ Top (1994)

Antenna Tour Concert! My Father took me to this concert my Freshman year of High School. This was my first music concert and I have been hooked ever since. The pyro was amazing including the exploding transformer at the end of the show. Again it was my first ever concert and I will remember this for the rest of my life. -Vincent B.

REM (1995)

I went to my very first concert at the Coliseum with my older sister and her two friends, I was 12. It was R.E.M in support of their Monster album, I knew how important that moment in time was. After the show, I got to go to the tour bus area to meet Mike Mills and got my ticket signed! - Mike A.

R. Kelly (1996)

Front row seats at the R. Kelly concert was by far the best day of my life!!❤️❤️ - Tracey G.

Garth Brooks (1997)

Garth Brooks was my first concert ever. It was so memorable because I was able to have my best friend and both of my parents. I remember Garth swinging on the ropes. Me and my parents singing and dancing. It was and has been the best ever. - Michelle M.

WWE Monday Night Raw (1998)

WWE and WCW were at war for Monday nights and both were in Hampton Roads that night. WWE at the Hampton Coliseum and WCW at the Scope. This is an iconic event and everyone involved with the wrestling world will always remember the Hampton Coliseum as being a place that wrestling history took place. - Ronald K.

Phish (1999)

The Phish show on December 18, 1999 was my favorite event at the Coliseum. From the opening notes "Harry Hood" to the tease of Peter Frampton's "Do You Feel Like We Do" in the second set (a reference to the live album they released the previous year ("Hampton Comes Alive"), it was quite a night! - David M.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (2000)

Going to my very first concert. I went with my family to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. It was the first time I ever went to a big event. I was 10 at the time. - Martina S.

Disney On Ice (2001)

My 6 y/o just had to be on the ice to watch all her fave Princesses! Her wish was my command although her and I didn’t realize how cold we would be and bought lots of T-shirt’s to warm up! I mean it’s ice skating how bad could it get? The amazement in her eyes was worth every bit of frostbite I got! - Toni H.

Transiberian Orchestra (2002)

There are so many favorites....Circus, concerts, etc... but the Christmas concert was really awesome. - Kim F.

Scream Tour (2003)

At age 8 my dad surprised me to my first concert; Scream Tour 3 Backstage with B2K, Mario, Marques Houston and Nick Cannon. I was a huge B2K & Mario fan, he even got us floor seats. I’m 25 now and I attended the Millennium Tour, it took my back to 8 yr old me seeing them for the first time again. - Shante'l B.

Jay-Z and Friends (2004)

My best friend & I, Belinda Williams, had the time of our lives at the Jay-Z & Friends tour in late 2004, 2005. What a surprise we had, because we didn’t know who Jay would bring with him. T.I., Busta Rhymes, and Mary jumped out of a bus! - Erica T.

The Eagles (2005)

The Eagles have been my favorite band since 1974. I missed a chance to see them at the Richmond Coliseum back in 1976 and vowed to go see them if they ever got together again! I took my 16 year old son there for his first concert experience and he was blown away. I will never forget the experience! - David S.

Kirk Franklin (2006)

My favorite memory is going to the Kirk Franklin Hero tour in 2006. It was my first concert. - Deaunna C.

Beyonce (2007)

This was the BEST CONCERT I've ever attended!!!! Beyonce put on a great show (as usual), my seats were awesome, the crowd was LIT, and the staff at the event made us feel safe. I still remember this experience like it was yesterday. It was AWESOME!!!!! - Alexis J.

Wiggles Live! (2008)

My favorite memory is taking my children to see the Wiggles when they were very young. Greg, the yellow Wiggle was not able to make it. The memories I have of my little ones face light up is priceless. It's hard to see them grow up. I cherish those times I had with my babies . - Tracy K.

Jehovah's Witnesses Convention (2009)

Every year I have attended the Jehovahs Witness convention during the summer at the coliseum. In fact it is where I met my husband. - Tiana G.

Walking with Dinosaurs (2010)

I remember going to see Walking with Dinosaurs at the Hampton Coliseum. I was 20 years old when I bought tickets for my entire family to see this show. I loved how real the dinosaurs looked and sounded! The arena was amazing; the perfect size for such a spectacular show, and really good seating! - Amber M.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus (2011)

My favorite event was the last year of the Barnum and Bailey circus! First time we went and our oldest son’s face lit up at everything! - Chelsea A.

Power of Praise (2012)

I was celebrating my birthday with friends and I had a ball. - Terri D.

Bassnectar (2013)

My BFF and I had no plans to go and the show was sold out but went ahead and headed from Virginia Beach to Hampton. We found tickets, danced our hearts out and it’s a day/night I will never forget and hold dear in my heart-unplanned, random awesomeness at its finest. - Alicia C.

Kevin Hart (2014)

It was my first holiday season with my now wife. I surprised her on Christmas with tickets to see Kevin Hart on New Years Eve. We had a perfect view of the stage and we laughed all night long. I know that my wife truly enjoyed herself. We both had a wonderful and romantic night at the Coliseum. - Dwight T.

Holiday Jam (2015)

My favorite memory is going to the New Edition, Jill Scott and Babyface concert. I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, so I drove the 2 hours solo. I enjoyed every moment of it. - Mandy H.

Carrie Underwood (2016)

I have been to plenty of things at the Hampton Coliseum from Disney to Monster Trucks. My favorite was seeing Carrie Underwood shortly after I had my first child. She dedicated a song to her kids with a slideshow. I balled my eyes out. Greatest memory ever the gift of your children. - Ashley M.

Joyce Meyer Ministries (2017)

I've had so many, but fellowship with the girls at a Joyce Meyer conference has got to be my favorite. We would all drive down to together with those who lived in the same area. Be it Richmond, DC or Norfolk. Stop along the way for dinner. The Hampton Coliseum is center fold for our gatherings. - Bernice D.

Hampton Roads Soul Music Festival (2018)

All the singers were great. It was my first time seeing Babyface. I left with a WOW on my face. I have seen Bobby Brown and BBD twice. Nothing but love for them guys. I drive from Richmond to come to this Coliseum because the music sounds nice and it's a great facility. - Rosa C.

Dead & Company (2019)

My favorite memory is seeing Dead & Company at Hampton Coliseum in 2019. It was a true joy to experience this band at the venue that is often called "The Mothership". The staff were just wonderful. I would like to wish the Hampton Coliseum a happy 50th anniversary year. To infinity and beyond! - Tripp H.

Monster Jam (2020)

Favorite memory is attending monster jam and seeing all three of my children’s faces be awed at the tricks the trucks can do. Thanks for making this joy possible for them to see! - Kerry S.